Saturday, July 12, 2014

CT For Monti - Anna Liwanag

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Thank you for taking the time to do my tutorial. I hope you enjoy it, and would love to see your results, and receive your feedback! This tutorial was written by Mellie on June 12, 2014 and is copyright to me, the way I word thing's and the images that I use. All other images are copyright to their respective owners, including tubes/art, font, scrapkits and templates and should not be used without purchasing or written permission, nor without reading their terms of use. This tutorial is for education purposes only and is in no way intended to be used as any other purpose. This tutorial was written with the tube and kit in mind that is being shown, therefore, you may have to adjust your setting's should you choose to use images not suggested here, in this tutorial. For this tutorial, you will need to know several things. Paint Shop Pro (I am using version X), and a good working knowledge of how to operate it, layer palettes and plug-in filters, masks, templates...etc. I will also assume that you add your desired drop shadows to each and every layer. :)

You will need the following in order to duplicate my tag:

PSP X or similar version
A Font of choice
Mask 12 by MoonBeams and SpiderWebs
Kit by Monti scraps at CDO
Tube by Anna Liwanag at CDO
Plug-In Xero: Radiance - color dot

Let's begin!

1) Open a new transparent canvas 700 X 700.

2) Choose a close up layer of the tube, copy/paste onto canvas.
Duplicate the tube layer, and go to effects>plug ins>xero>radiance with default settings. Click the original tube layer> layer blend Luminance, opacity 55%.

3) Open frame 7. Copy/paste onto canvas. Resize to 70%. Drag as bottom layer. Using magic wand click inside the frame and go to selections>modify>expand by 5 pixels. Add a new raster layer and using the dropper tool, select 2 coordinating colors from the frame. I'm using #f1d79d and #5fa2bc, choose gradient as your fill and flood fill the selected area. Deselect and drag below frame layer. 
4) Still on gradient layer, go to effects>plug ins>>color dot with this setting: 200, 8, 255, 255, 255. Click ok.

5) Click your frame layer. Use the magic wand to select the inside again, and go to selections>modify>expand by 5 pixels. Selections>invert. Click on your top tube layer tap delete on the keyboard. Repeat for original tube layer.

6) Deselect and stand on copy of tube layer> blend mode hard light, opacity 85%. Stand on original tube layer and go to effects>plug ins>xero>radiance, default settings. Repeat.

7) Open element 69. Copy/paste as new, top layer. Resize to 70%. position mid/top right of frame.

8) Open element 70. Copy/paste as new layer. Drag to bottom layer, resize to 70% and position just to the top right of former element layer.

9) Open element 80. Copy/paste as new, top layer. Resize to 70% and position left mid/bottom of frame.

10) Open element 4. Copy/paste as new, top layer. Resize to 30% and go to Image>free rotate, click right, click free and type in 60.00, click ok. Position to bottom of flower element.

11) Copy/paste close up layer of tube. Drag below the bow layer. Image>resize 65%. Place her so that the bow will cover up where the image is cut off.

12) Copy/paste paper 4 as new, bottom layer. Add your mask, layers>merge group and resize this layer as desired.

13) finally, add your name and copyright information. Layers>merge visible and copy/paste as new to crop. Resize as desired.

That's it, you're done.
I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial!


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