Thursday, May 15, 2014

Sweet As Honey

A Photoshop Sig tag Tut

You can click the image to see it in full size. Thank you for taking the time to do my tutorial. I hope you enjoy it, and would love to see your results, and receive your feedback! This tutorial was written by Mellie on May 15, 2014 and is copyright to me, the way I word thing's and the images that I use. All other images are copyright to their respective owners, including tubes/art, font, scrapkits and templates and should not be used without purchasing or written permission, nor without reading their terms of use. This tutorial is for education purposes only and is in no way intended to be used as any other purpose. This tutorial was written with the tube and kit in mind that is being shown, therefore, you may have to adjust your setting's should you choose to use images not suggested here, in this tutorial. For this tutorial, you will need to know several things. Photo Shop (I am using version CS3), and a good working knowledge of how to operate it, layer palettes and plug-in filters, masks, templates...etc. I will also assume that you add your desired drop shadows to each and every layer. :)

To copy and paste in photoshop you will need to go to Select>ALL, then Edit>Copy.
With photoshop I use the move tool and transform them to resize so I cannot give you an accurate pixel size for each element. Just use your judgement. :)
To mirror an image, you go to Edit>Transform>Flip Horizontal.

For this tutorial you will need the adorable scrap kit by Monti, available at CDO

1) Let's begin by opening element 17. Duplicate it (Image>Duplicate) and close the original.
2) Let's resize the canvas, Image>Canvas size> 700 X 700 pixels and click ok.
3) Now, open frame 3. Copy/paste as new layer. Using the move tool (press V on keyboard) make sure on the top toolbar the box is ticked by "Show Transform Controls" and drag it smaller so that you can line up the honeycomb patterns with the first layer. It may take you a few tries, but it helps to zoom in (CTRL and + together) to see it well enough.
4) Now grab the magic wand tool, click the blank areas inside the frame layer ( I found 3) and go to Layer>New>Layer, choose a paper from the kit. I like paper 4. Open it in photoshop, and go to Edit>Define pattern. Now, using the paint bucket tool ( press G) flood fill it with the pattern/paper 4. Deselect by pressing CTRL + D. (same as psp!) Now drag this layer below the frame layer. Click on the frame layer in the palette and add a drop shadow. Here's how: at the bottom of the layer palettes is FX, press it with your mouse, and choose drop shadow. Play with the setting's or you can use mine:

5) Now let's start adding our goodies! I am using element 35 as my main/tube image. You can use my sig tag as a guide on element placement, or go off on your own. Just use the move tool to drag, or push the images to size up or down to your liking.
I'm adding element 11 above the frame layer and then adding element 19 as well as 48 and 30. Lastly I added the wordart 2. Now add your copyright information, we cannot forget that part. Almost done.
Now let's add our name. This is going to be a bit tricky, but you'll get it!
Grab the text tool (press T on your keyboard) and choose a font. I am using Bell Bottom Laser 60 pt. I set my color to the darkest brown that Monti used in the kit, you can use your eyedropper tool (press I) and select a color that way. Or just set the foreground to color # of choice. Add your name and at the top toolbar strip, choose Create warped text. Just click it once with the mouse and a box will appear, in the style drop down choose Arc, and set the bend at 50%, check horizontal. Leave the others at 0%, and click on ok. Now you have an arched text! Play around with the settings, if you'd like. Just remember you can go to edit:step backward, or you can press ALT + CTRL + Z and it will undo anything you just did.
Once you are satisfied with your image go to image>trim, this crops off the excess pixels around the sigtag. Save your image and you are done!

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