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Thank you for taking the time to do my tutorial. I hope you enjoy it, and would love to see your results, and receive your feedback! This tutorial was written by Mellie on March 4, 2014 and is copyright to me, the way I word thing's and the images that I use. All other images are copyright to their respective owners, including tubes/art, font, scrapkits and templates and should not be used without purchasing or written permission, nor without reading their terms of use. This tutorial is for education purposes only and is in no way intended to be used as any other purpose. This tutorial was written with the tube and kit in mind that is being shown, therefore, you may have to adjust your setting's should you choose to use images not suggested here, in this tutorial. For this tutorial, you will need to know several things. Paint Shop Pro (I am using version X), and a good working knowledge of how to operate it, layer palettes and plug-in filters, masks...etc. I will also assume that you add your desired drop shadows to each and every layer. :)

For this tutorial, you will need the following items:
Image/Tube by Jamie Kidd at CDO
IB Scrapkit by WDDesignz at CDO
Font of choice. I am using Lobster Two
Masks by me, it is the first, and third masks on the page.

Let's begin! :)

1) Open the paper named 62-2 (1). 
Duplicate (Shift + D), close the original image. Apply my mask 4. Layers>Merge>Group. Image>resize 65%, all layers unticked.
2) Open the paper named 62-2 (6) it's black. Copy/paste as a new layer. Apply my mask # 6. Layers>merge>group. Image>resize>65%, all layers unticked.

3) Open element named 62-2 (1), frame with beads. Copy/paste as new layer, Image>resize> 55%, all layers unticked.
4) Using your magic wand select the blank space inside of the frame, while selected go to selections>modify>expand by 5 pixels. Open your tube and copy/paste the largest image as a new layer back onto your canvas. Selections>invert and tap delete on the keyboard. Drag beneath the frame layer. Choose soft light, or screen, in your layer palette for blend mode. You can choose to lower the opacity. I did not.
5) Open the other tube layer, copy/paste as top layer on your palette. Move left of frame. I resized a tiny bit, to 85-90%.
6) Open element named 62-2 (9), copy/paste as new layer. Image>Mirror. Image>resize>40% Move right of frame. (I added a teal drop shadow to this layer)
7) Open element 62-2 (7). Copy/paste as top layer. Image>Resize>25%. Move to cover cut off portion of tube later, so that she is "hiding" behind it.
8) Open element named 62-2 (32). 
Copy/paste as top layer. Image>Resize>25%. Move to cover cut off portion of tube later, so that she is "hiding" behind it. 
9) Duplicate the previous 2 layers to form a chain of 4 flowers.
10) Add any remaining elements that you wish.
11) Add artist copyright information.

12) Add your name
13. Layers>Merge>Visible. Copy/paste as a new image to crop and save as :)
Thank you for doing this tutorial. I'm glad you stopped by. I hope to have more tutorials in the near future, so keep checking back. :)

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