Sunday, March 2, 2014

Masks...and an update

It's been a very emotional 2 weeks for me, and my family. My grandfather died, and my life took a hectic change. I was so heartbroken, I couldn't function. I have promised everyone that I will not sit around and wallow in my misery. I'm scared to become depressed. So on a bright note, my cousin got married. 1 week to the day after we buried our "Papa". Mixed emotions there. I loved seeing him marry the love of his life, but it was so bittersweet knowing how much my Papa had looked forward to it. Now that they are married, I feel a sense of relief, is that normal?


Oh well. I was able to make some some goodies. I made a few masks, in jpg form. It's my first ever attempt at making masks! I hope someone can/will use them :)
Just click on them to see full-sized and right click to save :)
***Please do not upload to a site, or claim as your own. No commercial use, of course.
Please, if you do use them in tutorials or creations link back to my blog. Thank you!

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